The Competition Evolve

The Miss/Mrs. Inspiration Bharat Georgia Competition is one of the most prestigious and popular pageant among Asian Community.The Miss/Mrs. Inspiration Bharat Georgia was the first competition to offer a talent category and provide the platform for all ages.

The Miss/Mrs. Inspiration Bharat Georgiahas evolved in society as women in society have evolved. This past year, candidates were no longer judged on outward appearance. That meant the competition with additional time and focus on the candidates’ voices to be heard more often.

Throughout the competition and in interviews, candidates had additional opportunities to advocate for their social impact initiatives and to demonstrate how they are uniquely qualified for the exciting and challenging 365-day job of beingThe Miss/Mrs. Inspiration Bharat Georgia.

The organization stands for empowering women of all ages, across the State Georgia to be the best they can be through leadership, talent, communication skills and smarts.

Preparing for the stage and beyond

So much happens behind the scenes. Candidates engage in an exciting range of leadership activities that include executive and communications workshops, branding and media coaching. These women join an incredible network of former winners who are leaders and mentors in every field. It’s an exciting time. And the bonds created between candidates lead to lifelong friendships.

Meet Our Team

Samuel Phillip
Diego Lester
Janet Paquette