Who will be Miss/Mrs/GrandMom Inspiration Georgia 2021?

Miss/Mrs/GrandMom Georgia’s job is one of purposeas well as advancing her own Social Impact Initiative.

Inspiration Miss/Mrs. Georgia is not a celebrity, nor is she a “beauty queen.” Instead, she is a person of character and a representative of service, and an example of what it means to be a giver, not a taker. It is her work that will be celebrated as she uses her job to serve others, promote the importance of education, and to make a lasting impact on communities across the state. When Miss Georgia’s term expires, she will be successful if she has made a measurable, positive difference in the growth of Miss Georgia Competition of Inspiration Organization and her Social Impact Initiative objectives.

Inspiration Miss/Mrs. Georgia is expected to understand that in this position, she is but one part of an ever-evolving legacy of multi-dimensional women at every level ofInspiration Miss/Mrs. Georgia. Her execution of the job is reflective not just of her, but of the entire organization. Miss Georgia is about building on the past and helping to craft a future of relevancy for this and the next generation of women leaders.

Samuel Phillip
Diego Lester
Janet Paquette